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Best way for businesses to offer deliveries

Reliable on time deliveries to your clients. We handle your packages with care.

About us

Based out of Georgia

Q & R Courier Express offers services to all of Metro Atlanta as well as the surrounding cities and states. We not only deliver your packages in a timely manner, but our experienced and professional drivers take pride in handling ALL packages with care.

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Some facts

Why people choose us?

  • Delivery up to 24 hours
  • Packages always protected
  • Competitive prices
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Why Q & R Courier Express is the best?

Getting it right the first time.

We are a home-based courier service provider that specializes in secure packaging and delivery of our clients' product. Our company, based out of Douglas County, takes pride in providing exceptional customer service and treating all of our clients as top priority. The Q & R Management Group will service both residential and commercial clients. We will offer our customers the highest level of service.

Q Taylor

Courier Director

Getting it right the first time

About us

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At Q & R Courier Express, we specialize in handling all of our clients' deliveries and business needs

We offer exceptional customer service, prompt delivery, and most of all something that is not requested but required, PROFESSIONALISM. We cater to small and large businesses working hard to meet their clients' demands. Whether it's scheduled delivery, HOTSHOT, or supply needs, including office materials, paper product, medical, documents, we will get it done for you

Serving Atlanta since 2013

We stand firm behind our motto "Getting It Right The First Time" because we value your business and also believe in first impression is last impression..